ITASEAS is an association of Italian scholars who want to integrate their work, directed at Southeast Asia, with that of other Italian Southeast Asia specialists. They wish to achieve this also by meeting each other regularly and making use of each other expertise, publications and libraries. Thus the Association forms an Italian but, at occurrence, as well an international - network for scholars, their studies and their source materials.

ITASEAS has been founded in April 2003, as a member of EUROSEAS (European Association of Southeast Asian Studies).

ITASEAS is a non-profit-making professional association. First and foremost, ITASEAS sets itself the task of enhancing the position of Southeast Asian studies in Italy, also by creating a world-wide supporting context.

ITASEAS holds a general meeting of its members usually once in a year.


4th ItaSEAS Conference  23-24 May 2019 Procida (Gulf of Naples)