Call for Proposals

Proposals for a Special Issue

Through Calls for Special Issue Proposals, the editorial team of the I-LanD Journal solicits high-quality proposals that will be evaluated in a competitive procedure.

Proposals for a Special Issue should have a unifying theme and reflect, at an international level, the work in a particular research area in which future investigation may be boosted by the publication of a set of excellent papers. 
Proposals for a Special Issue should be sent to the two Editors-in-Chief of the Journal ( and contain: 
- the name and e-mail address for communication of Guest Editors (at least two); to improve the Journal’s geographical variety and internationalization, at least one of the Guest Editors’ countries of affiliation should be different from the others? 
- a working title; 
- a 500-word rationale clearly explaining the scope and significance of the proposed theme; 
- the name of ten possible reviewers of the single papers who are not involved in any way in the preparation of the Special Issue. 

The selection of the best proposal is the outcome of a collaborative evaluation by all members of the editorial team according to the following criteria: 
- suitability of the topic for the I-LanD Journal
- overall quality of the proposal: originality and contribution to the field; 
- theoretical background of the rationale and individual papers; 
- methodological adequacy of the individual papers; 
- completeness of the proposal; 
- feasibility of the plan for delivery. 

The Editors-in-Chief of the I-LanD Journal, together with a number of Advisory Board members selected according to the proposed topics, will examine all proposals and their decision will be communicated to the Guest Editors. Once a high-quality proposal has been selected from among those submitted, it will be the responsibility of the Guest Editors to proceed within the agreed time limit.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals, 

Giuditta Caliendo (University of Lille) 
Maria Cristina Nisco (University of Naples "Parthenope")