JALaLit - Journal of African Languages and Literatures

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Editor-in-Chief: Gian Claudio Batic

Managing Editor: Valentina Schiattarella

Editorial board: Roberto Gaudioso (University of Naples “L’Orientale”), Emiliano Minerba (University of Naples “L’Orientale”), Aurore Montébran (University of Naples “L’Orientale” / LLACAN), Rosanna Tramutoli (University of Naples “L’Orientale”)

Scientific board: Flavia Aiello (University of Naples “L’Orientale”), Giorgio Banti (University of Naples “L’Orientale”),  Karin Barber (University of Birmingham), Abdourahmane Diallo (Goethe University Frankfurt), Zygmunt Frajzyngier (University of Colorado Boulder), Kulikoyela Kahigi (University of Dar es Salaam), Hafizu Miko Yakasai (Bayero University Kano), Maarten Mous (University of Leiden), George Mulumbwa (University of Lubumbashi), Aldin Mutembei (University of Dar es Salaam), Tatiana Nikitina (CNRS-LLACAN), Farouk Topan (The Aga Khan University), Mauro Tosco (University of Turin), Georg Ziegelmeyer (University of Vienna).

The Journal of African Languages and Literatures (JALaLit, ISSN 2723-9764) is an electronic, international, peer-reviewed, open access journal published by UniorPress. JALaLit publishes original research articles, fieldwork material, and discussion notes addressing the current trends in African linguistics and in modern and contemporary African literary studies.

JALaLit welcomes original research articles, fieldwork material, and discussion notes. The journal is interested in scholarship that draws from a broad variety of theoretical approaches and methodologies. African linguistics: data-driven research contributions related to any aspect of African languages. A special focus is given to description, documentation and analysis of undocumented and under-described languages. African literatures: studies on modern and contemporary literatures in African languages (also in comparison to other literatures) with a special focus on texts (both in oral or written form).

The working language of the journal is English.

JALaLit is published annually.

Submission: prospective authors can submit their work at any time. In order to be considered for the 2021 issue, contributors are asked to send their manuscript by the 1st of November, 2020. 

Contact & submissions: jalalit@unior.it

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