Ming Qing Yanjiu [II] 1993

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Autore Titolo Pagine
Caterina, Lucia Chinese Porcelains with Western Subjects at the “Duca di Martina” Museum of Naples 9-37
Cigliano, Maria Sinicization during the Ming Period: The Case of the Scholar Yang Shiyun 39-66
Lanciotti, Lionello An Introduction to the Work of Pu Songling 67-80
Santangelo, Paolo Is the Horseman Riding the Horse, or the Charioteer Driving the Two Steeds? 81-112
Wei, Qingyuan-Yu Xing’an Decision-Making Mechanism and Administrative Efficiency 113-125
Zhuang Guotu Canton System: China’s Reaction to European Commercial Expansion in 18th Century 127-163