Ming Qing Yanjiu [IV] 1995

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Autore Titolo Pagina
Bussotti, Michela The Gushi huapu, a Ming Dynasty Wood-Block Printing Masterpiece in the Naples National Library 11-44
Casacchia, Giorgio About a “Book of Rhymes” by Li Yu 45-50
Corradini, Piero On the Multinationality of the Qing Empire 51-66
Eggert, Marion The Genius of Native Soil: Lao Can Youji as Travelogue 67-77
Gardella, Robert Some Observations on Guilds and the Tea Trade in Ninenteenth Century Fujian (1842-1892) 79-100
Santangelo, Paolo A Research on Emotions and States of Mind in Late Imperial China. Preliminary Results 101-209