Ming Qing Yanjiu [V] 1996

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Autore Titolo Pagine
Battaglini, Marina Old Chinese Books: Reclaiming a Neglected Heritage 13-27
Carioti, Patrizia The Zheng’s Maritime Power in the International Context of the 17th Century Far Eastern Seas: The Rise of a “Centralized Piratical Organisation” and Its Gradual Development into an Informal “State” 29-67
Kohn, Livia The Taoist Adoption of the City God 69-106
Lanciotti, Lionello A Franciscan Missionary and the Xiaoshuo 107-114
Motsch, Monika The Mirror and Chinese Aesthetics. A Study of the Hongloumeng 117-136
Paderni, Paola Between Formal and Informal Justice: A Case of Wife Selling in Eighteenth-Century China 139-156
Santangelo, Paolo The Language of Seduction in Some Ming-Qing Literary Works 157-232
Pimpaneau, Jean “A Museum is Offered. Who Wants it?” 237-241
Bussotti, Michela (recensione) Jonathan Hay, “I Ming e i Qing”, in Michèle Pirazzoli-T’Serstevens, ed., La Cina. UTET, Torino, 1996, 2 voll. 245-249