Ming Qing Yanjiu [VI] 1997

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Autore Titolo Pagine
Casacchia, Giorgio Some Pekingese Toponyms in the Qing Period Banner Areas 15-20
Guarino, Carmen The Interpretation of Images in Matteo Ricci’s Pictures for Chengshi moyuan 21-44
Guida, Donatella Southeast Asia in Jinghuayuan: From Historiography to Literature 45-67
Nie, Dening Chinese Merchants and their Maritime Activities under the Ban On Maritime Trade in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1567) 69-92
Raza, Rahim The Image of China in Indo-Persian Cultures: The Tradition of Great Poets 93-124
Riotto, Maurizio Korean Poetry in Distinctive Chinese Style during the Early Chos?n Period 125-148
Stirpe, Luca Hiang Ming Zhusi Lianming Qipan Gong’an: A Collection of Defective Stories Held by the Beijing and Tokyo Libraries 149-237