Ming Qing Yanjiu [VII] 1998

Indice dell’annata


Autore Titolo Pagine
Calanca, Paolo From a Forbidden Ocean to an Ocean under Close Watch: the Ming and Early Qing Governments and the Maritime Problem 13-47
Casacchia, Giorgio An Old Chinese-Italian Dictionary 49-58
Henningsmeier, Julia The Foreign Sources of Dianshizhai huabao, a Ninenteenth Century Shanghai Illustrated Magazine 59-91
Yang, Huilin The Moralization of Chinese Christianity and the Result since Ming and Qing Dynasties 93-107
Zhuang, Guotu The Fujian Tea Industry and its Export Relation with the Taiwan Tea Industry in the Ninenteent Century 109-126
Yang, Huilin Modern Transformation of Chinese Traditional Culture. Beijing: the Summary of the Seminar on Building and Development of Chinese Contemporary Culture 133-141