Ming Qing Yanjiu [VIII] 1999

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Autore Titolo Pagine
Chang, Hao One Chinese Character for One Chemical Element: The Earliest Efforts 15-28
Guida, Donatella To Identify Emotions. Two Chapters of Jinghuayuan: a Textual Analysis 29-74
Guo, Yingde The Cult of Passions through the Image of Beauties in Ming and Qing Literature 75-99
Ma, Li Zhu Yuanzhang and the Legalist «Art of Ruling» 101-130
Santangelo, Paolo The Myths of Love-Passion in Late Imperial China 131-195
Ye, Junyuan "The Lady-Generals on an Expedition Westwards: Charming and Full of Grandeur" - On the Artistic Charms of Wu Meicun’s Poetic Creation 197-215
Struve, Lynn Conference on the Qing Formation in World and Chinese Time. Indiana University, Bloomington, June 10-13, 1999 217-233
Guida, Donatella (rec. di) S. Dabringhaus and R. Ptak (eds.), China and her Neighbours. Borders, Vision of the Other, Foreign Policy, 10th to 19th Century 234-236