Ming Qing Yanjiu [XII] 2003-2004

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Autore Titolo Pagine
Corradini, Piero About the Worship of Heaven and Earth during the Qing Dynasty 17-70
Ho Wai Chi, Vichy "Eunuch Disaster" or "Eunuch Politics"?: A Study of Eunuch Involvment in the Ming Period 71-80
De Troia, Paolo Note to the Music of Xiao pin 81-93
Mander, Pietro A Brief Survey on the Expression of Emotions in Cuneiform Literatures 95-130
Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, Gabriella Prototypical Aspects of Emotions in Tamil Literature 131-142
Marinelli, Maurizio The Desire for Power and the Annihilation of Emotions in Chinese Political Language 143-159
Middendorf, Ulrike Emotion Management: Social Psychology and Social Techniques in Early China 161-251
Mander, Pietro Joy and Exhilaration in the Literary Texts from Mesopotamia 253-269
Guida, Donatella (rec. di) Claude Guillot, Denys Lombard and Roderick Ptak (eds.), From the Mediterranean to the China Sea: Miscellaneous Notes 273-275