Ming Qing Yanjiu [XIII] 2005

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Autore Titolo Pagine
Ma Li Mechanism of Obedience in the Reign of Ming Taizu: Norms and Their Reinforcement by State Power 1-26
Wan Ming The Monetization of Silver in the Ming (1368-1644): China’s Links to the Global Economy 27-37
Casalin, Federica Early Economic Writings in XIX Century China: The Maoyi Tongzhi 39-65
Corradini, Piero The Manchu Capital Cities before the Conquest of China 67-91
Tanaka, Tomoyuki An Examination of the Emotions in Jin Ping Mei: Perceptions of the ’Moods’ and their Expression 93-109
De Angeli, Aglaia Sexual Transgressions: Illegal Passions in Chinese Modern Times 111-130
Fan Ka-wai, Yu Xinzhong, Cheung Hok-ming and Lau Sze-nga Studies on Chinese ... 133-150
Santangelo, Paolo Book Reviews 153-167