1 (Winter 1982/83) 1982

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Mohammad Sardar Khan Baloch A Cultural Background to the Establishment of the Baluchi Academy 3-5  
Abdur Rehman Brahui History, Background, Objectives and Achievements of the Brahui Academy, Quetta, Pakistan 6-10  
Scholz, Fred Baluchistan: A Brief introduction to the Geography of Pakistan’s Mountainous Province 13-18  
Faggi, Pierpaolo Geographical Literature and the Roles of Baluchistan 19-29  
Bajoi, A.H. Agriculture in Baluchistan 30-31  
Tosi, Maurizio Baluchistan in Prehistory: Reversing the Center-Periphery Paradigm for a Future Generation of Studies 32-46  
Jarrige, Jean-François Nindowari, a 3rd Millennium site in Southern Baluchistan 47-50  
Rossi, Adriano V. Linguistic Inquiries in Baluchistan Towards Integrated Methodologies 51-66  
Gionta, Pasquale Working on the Baluchi Agricultural Lexicon 67-71