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Participants will be staying at Le Grand Bleu Residence , via Flavio Gioia, 37, 80079 Procida Napoli, T/F +39 081 88969594, a nice, recently renovated, newly furnished structure in the center of Procida. The sunny terrace overlooking the sea is equipped with BBQ, oven, and deck chairs and accessible to guests for social activities and recreation. Accommodation ranges from single to double/triple bedrooms to 2-bedroom apartments with shared bathroom. Participants will be assigned to their rooms on arrival. Universit? Orientale staff will be available on site to help with accommodation, collect payments, and organize transfer to the Conference center in the morning.

During the afternoon sessions, participants will present their research work in seminars led by School faculty. Each participant will typically have 30 minutes to present his/her research project or a section of it, followed by a 30-minute discussion. Participants will be grouped according to their research topics. Information about groups and tentative schedules of individual seminars will be made available a few days before the school opens.

The last day of the summer school will be partly devoted to plenary presentations by participants, followed by discussion. The length of each presentation will depend on the number of participants; instructions will be provided half-way through the week. At the end of the afternoon session, if time allows, we would like all participants to share some general thoughts and impressions on OASIS.

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