I-LanD Research Centre

About the Research Centre

I-LanD Interuniversity Research Centre is an independent, interdisciplinary centre for advanced study in linguistics, social studies and humanities...

I-LanD Members

Listing of the Research Centre members.


 Activities of the Research Centre related to Identity, Language and Diversity.

I-LanD Charter

The Charter of the Research Centre has been issued pursuant to the Rector's Decree dated December 12, 2015.

Visiting Associate Programme

Scholars and researchers from around the world are invited to conduct research under the guidance of or in collaboration with I-LanD Research Centre...

I-LanD International Journal

The I-LanD Journal reflects a commitment to publishing original and high quality research addressing issues of identity, language and diversity from...

Our partners

The Research Centre's partners and research groups.


This section presents and describes some of the projects on which the I-LanD Interuniversity Research Centre has worked and is working.


Monographs and edited volumes published by the members of the Research Centre.

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