Public Engagement

The University's Public Engagement initiatives are aimed at the dissemination of knowledge in society and at the creation of opportunities for the involvement of the general public. They focus predominantly on:

the communication and diffusion of understanding relating to the main research fields of the University of Naples “L’Orientale” ;

collaboration in organising events of public utility and activities with public involvement;

the interaction with schools.


  • Saperi dell’Orientale

"Saperi dell'Orientale" is a University initiative which disseminates knowledge to a local audience relating to research at the University with particular attention on cultures, languages, history, ideas and world religions.

The editions carried out so far have focused on:

All initiatives are available at the link


•Open day

University of Naples “L’Orientale" organises an "open day" once or twice a year aimed at putting school students, their families and those interested in the education and courses offered by the University into contact with teaching staff in the domain of world languages, cultures and societies. During the event "demo lessons" are offered, which are open to both school students and the general public.


•Futuro remoto

Futuro remoto is an annual event in which the University of Naples “L’Orientale” participates in the dissemination of research findings. The initiative contributes to bringing research, science and technological innovation closer to a larger public, mostly from the city of Naples and Campania region. It is organised by the Città della Scienza foundation in collaboration with Neapolitan universities.