Erasmus +

The programme ERASMUS PLUS, financed by the European Union, encourages the international mobility of students (European and extra European) and international cooperation in education, training, youth and sport. It began in 2014 and the current programme runs until 2020.

Erasmus Plus is a unique integrated programme with a budget of 14 .7 billion euro based upon 3 Key Actions and 2 Specific Activities:

Key Action 1: mobility for the purpose of individual learning; financed activities: individual mobility in the field of education, training and youth; joint Master's degrees; large-scale events related to the European Voluntary Service.

Key Action 2: cooperation for innovation and good practices; financed activities: strategic partnerships in the field of education, training and youth; alliances to increase understand; alliances for sectoral skills; youth training.

Key Action 3: support for policy reforms; financed activities: structured dialogue: meeting between young people and decision-makers in the youth sector.

Specific Activity 1: Jean Monnet;

financed activities: Chairs, Modules, Centres of Excellence, Support for institutions and associations, Networks, Projects.

Specific Activity 2: Sport;

financed activities: collaborative partnerships in the sport; non-profit European sporting events.

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