Aims of the Centre

Aims of the Centre:

  • To organise seminars and conferences to be held at the participating Universities, with the aim of aiding scientific collaboration and the exchange of ideas and experiences among young Italian and international scholars.

  • To develop projects intended to obtain funding from national and European bodies.

  • To publish both monographs and collected papers on the topics proposed by the Centre.

  • To organize presentations and discussions of recent significant publications on topics of interest to the Centre.

  • To provide reciprocal assistance and consultation in the activities of research and training; including the participation of faculty members in the post-graduate training courses provided by the participating bodies.

  • To initiate programs with international and Italian universities in order to facilitate the mobility of students and faculty members.

  • To promote and stimulate the creation of inter-university agreements with national and international institutes, and to organise activities in partnership with extra-university cultural or social centres and organisations.

  • To promote, among its members and affiliates, research and training initiatives on pertinent topics of critical interest.

  • To facilitate the participation of students, doctoral students and young researchers of the participating universities in the research activities put in place by the participating bodies, through administrative and economic assistance where it is compatible with the Centre’s economic resources. Such conventions must be agreed in relation to each single activity and implemented with distinct statutes and procedures in order to regulate the legal and economic aspects with regard to the norms and regulations of the participating universities.

  • To undertake further activities which fulfil the goals of the Centre.

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