Innovative Doctorate Programmes with an industrial vocation

The Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) has implemented the measures in support of human capital provided for by the PON research and innovation 2014-2020 - Axis I "investments in human capital" - Action I. 1 "innovative doctorates with industrial characterisation".

The intervention was part of the National Research Programme 2015/2020 and provided for the financing of three-year doctoral fellowships co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) for the attendendance of courses to be partly carried out abroad and in external companies.

The Doctoral Programme in literary, linguistic and Comparative Studies was evaluated and judged in possession of the requirements indicated by the call, and has in recent years submitted project proposals with applications for funding to request the activation of innovative doctoral research paths with an industrial characterization and received a good recognition.

This measure has allowed the doctorate to increase the attractiveness of its reasearch paths in collaboration with companies and international institutions of excellence.

This innovative mode of cooperation with the business world allows students to qualify in regard to industrial experiences, training and research, thus improving their employability and also producing a positive impact on the entire productive fabric of the areas concerned by the Programme.

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