Publisher: UniorPress

Series: Quaderni della Ricerca

Series Director: Rossella Ciocca


Editorial Board:

Guido Carpi

Guido Maria Cappelli

Federico Corradi

Augusto Guarino

Salvatore Luongo

Alberto Manco

Paolo Sommaiolo


Scientific Committee:

Prof. Brad Bullock, Randolph College, Virginia

Prof. Keir Elam, Università di Bologna

Prof. Alberto Romero Ferrer, Università di Cadice

Prof. Massimo Fusillo, Università de L’Aquila

Prof. Gerhard Leitner, Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Sabita Manian, Lynchburg College of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Anila Omari, Università di Tirana, Akademia e Studimeve Albanologjike

Prof. Giovanni Battista Palumbo, Université de Namur

Prof. Antonio Pizzo, Università di Torino

Prof. Josiane Rieu, Università di Nizza

Prof. Katherine E. Russo, Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”

Prof. Juan Varela-Portas, Università Complutense de Madrid

Prof. Michail Velizhev, High School of Economics di Mosca


Aims and scope:

The series Quaderni della ricerca was created within the Doctoral Programme in Literary, Linguistic and Comparative Studies to host the publications of staff members and selected Proceedings of The Graduate conferences organized by PhD students.

The series is dedicated to research publications that reflect the scientific project of the doctoral programme, which is characterized by cultural, literary, linguistic and aesthetic intersections, in the spirit of interdisciplinary and comparative dialogue. It builds on a consolidated and well established practice of collaboration that promotes cultural, literary, linguistic and aesthetic dialogue and comparative studies.

The fundamental aim of the series is to nourish studies that conceive the West as a space open to intercultural interaction and that must be studied in light of its cosmopolitan medieval, modern and contemporary connections.

It pays particular attention to the contemporary forms of literature, entertainment and communication, and to the reconstruction of cultural genealogies that place the present in significant connection with the cultural arrangements of the past.

Peer review: all volumes are subject to anonymous peer review in the double blind peer-review mode.


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