A cotutelle agreement represents an experience of bilateral university cooperation for the realization of a research thesis carried out between the universities of two countries.

The PhD student, within the framework of cotutelles, carries out his/her research work under the guidance of two tutors from the two involved universities who collaborate in the spirit of common responsibility.

The PhD student alternates periods of research in the two countries and discusses his/her thesis before a joint Joint Committee that includes the two tutors.

The thesis under cotutelle provides for the award of a double or a Joint Doctorate Degree recognized in the two countries between which the agreement has been concluded.


Internal and external cotutelle agreements 2015/2020

Benedetta Bartolini (external) Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne university, Tutor: Prof. Federico Corradi (pending approval);

Diane de Wrangle (external) Université de Paris Sorbonne (IV), Tutor: Prof.ssa Elisabeth Galvan (in preparation)

Fulvia Giampaolo (external) with University of Limoges (France) Tutor: Prof. Federico Corradi;

Giuliana Regnoli (internal) University of Heidelberg (Germany) Tutor: Prof.ssa Katherine Russo

Ma Xiaolu (external) Beijing Foreign Studies University (China) Tutor: Prof. Guido Cappelli

Yiting Wang (external) Beijing University (China) Tutor: Prof. Carlo Vecce

Alessia Pirro (external) University of Reading (U.K.) Tutor: Prof. Carlo Vecce

Paolo Miccoli (internal) University of Bremen (Deutschland) Tutor: Prof.ssa Rita Enrica Librandi

Anna Moscow (external) Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Mango;

Roberto D'urso University of Normandy (internal) Tutor: Prof. Carlo Vecce

Maria Carmela Russo (internal) University of Utrecht (Germany) Tutor: Prof. Franco Paris

Maria Anna Di Stefano (external) Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) Tutor: Prof.ssa Anna De Meo

Lorenzo Battistini (internal) University of Strasbourg (France) Tutor: Prof. Carlo Vecce

Dominique Serena Antignano (internal) Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Mango

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