The I-LanD Seminar Series

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The I-LanD Seminar Series

Organised by

Giuseppe Balirano and Francesco Nacchia



Innovative in nature, The I-LanD Seminar Series (held both online via Microsoft Temas and on-site at the University of Naples "L'Orientale") aims to cover specific topics linked to the Centre's research interests. Issues linked to identity and diversity will be explored through a variety of approaches drawing on language, society, culture, art, history, geography, environment, migrations, diasporas, sexuality and gender. It will showcase convenors debating issues in their field(s) of expertise. The seminars aim to encourage speakers to reveal insights, introduce adopted methodologies, highlight pitfalls and generally expand knowledge in a given area. Each co-host will briefly present their contribution to the theme of the seminar. At the end of each round, fellow convenors and audience members will ask questions on the topics presented in order to foster an enriching and productive discussion.

The critical approach adopted throughout each seminar aims to make these encounters a perfect opportunity for scholars to further their knowledge and take a lively part in the discussion. Young academics (e.g., PhD students, junior researchers, etc.) are actively encouraged to join in and learn more about the theoretical approaches and methodologies adopted in a given field of investigation. Students with a specific interest in the topics under discussion are also warmly encouraged to attend.

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