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Scuola di Procida per l’Alta Formazione







In the beautiful rooms of the "Conservatory of Orphans" in Terra Murata, Procida, a building reconstructed in 1656 on the remains of the palace inhabited in the 13th century by the family of the doctor, diplomat and politician Giovanni da Procida (member of the Salerno Medical College and protagonist of the Sicilian Vespers ), the Higher Education School of Procida of the University of Naples "L’Orientale” finds its home.

The School, at the service of all the "knowledge" cultivated in this ancient and prestigious University, hosts seminars, scientific meetings, conferences, exhibitions: it is a meeting place for scholars, and a centre for training and specialisation.

With great enthusiasm and equal ambition, the University attempts to combine this cultural tradition with the opportunities that arise from the market, both from public and private bodies as well as national and international institutions. The task is facilitated by the amenity of the surroundings, which never ceases to surprise or enchant guests and colleagues, not only from abroad but also those from Campania itself.

In recent years the University has made a significant economical investment to further improve the technical facilities and furnishings of the venue, making it today a place suitable for hosting any cultural event.

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