Canada: The Urban Multiverse/il multiverso urbano/ le multivers urbain









May 29-31, 2013


The international, interdisciplinary and multilingual Conference Canada: The Urban Multiverse / Il multiversourbano / Le multiverse urbain will be held at the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’, Procida, May 29-31, 2013.

The Conference will address the contemporary debate on urban multiverses from the interdisciplinary perspective of Canadian Studies, therefore including linguistic, literary, geographical and historical fields of research. The term ‘multiverse’ – usually employed within literary criticism – refers to the ethnic, linguistic, aesthetic, architectonic and geographic plurality of contemporary Canadian cityscapes, which stretch over vast metropolitan areas and encompass more than a half of the Canadian population.

Recent studies have been questioning the concept of Canadian multiculturalism by deeming it hegemonic and hierarchical. The term multiverse, instead, refers to dynamic spaces where several urban communities interact without relinquishing their traditions and linguistic and cultural peculiarities. Hence, the papers delivered at the Conference will interpret contemporary metropolitan phenomena developing in urban centres such as Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver in the critical terms of the multiverse.

Speakers will include scholars from Canada, Europe and Italy. The Conference is also aimed at young scholars (post-doc fellows, PhD students, MA students, etc.) in Language and Translation Studies, Literary Studies, History and Geography who are interested in Canadian Studies.