Some sessions are organised in thematic panels. The panels of SyWAL2022 are:

Language contact and non-convergent change in West Africa
Coordinators: Pierpaolo Di Carlo (University at Buffalo), Pius Akumbu (LLACAN-CNRS), Jeff Good (University at Buffalo), Roland Kießling (University of Hamburg)

Nominal classification in West African languages
Coordinators: Ines Fiedler (Humboldt University Berlin) and Tom Güldemann (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History)

Uniformity, variability and diversity in the syntax of serial verb constructions
Coordinator: Jakob Maché (Universidade de Lisboa)

Structural properties and cultural values of phraseologisms in West African languages
Coordinator: Nina Pawlak (University of Warsaw)

The description of each panel can be found in the individual sections dedicated to the thematic sessions (menu on the left). To contribute to a thematic session, you can either send your proposal to (proposals will be forwarded to the panel organisers) or respond to any Call for Papers from the panel organisers.

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