The research interests pursued at University of Naples L’Orientale encompass the cultures of different areas of the world: Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean region, Europe, and the Americas. These are addressed within a global framework, in their present-day dimensions as well as their historical depth, with regard both to their distinctive features and to their present and past interactions. Scholarly methods range across the whole spectrum of the humanities and social sciences, including linguistic, literary, and philological approaches; cultural studies and gender studies; performance and visual arts studies; archeology, history, anthropology, philosophy, and religion; geography, social geography, and migration studies; socio-economic, political and juridical sciences. Recent additions to such more established approaches are the fields of Digital Humanities and AI studies. Research projects rely on funds provided by Orientale itself or other national and international scholarly institutions, as well as competitive funds made available by regional, national, and EU research programs.


ChinGram: Università "L'Orientale" Partecipa al Primo Meeting a Olomouc
19 February 2024
Nei giorni 16 e 17 febbraio 2024 si è tenuto presso l'Università Palacky di Olomouc (Re. Ceca) il primo Transnational Partner Meeting del progetto internazionale ChinGram, a cui l'Università di Napoli "L'Orientale" partecipa con una unità coordinata...